Rod Tip Damage – Pro Tip

Rod Tip Damage was originally published March 2013

We have all reeled in our gear and over-reeled our swivel into the first eye on the rod.  For some unfortunate anglers this first eye on the rod has been damaged, or at the very least you are now trying to dislodge your snap or barrel swivel from the first eye.

Here is a technique many professional fishing guides use to keep the first eye on the rod from being damaged by over reeling.  Use beads to protect the first eye on your rod from the terminal tackle.  The bead strikes the eye in a manner that is so much less destructive.

Beads are sold at most all places fishing tackle is sold.  Depending on the size of your fishing rod you might use beads ranging in size from 4mm to 6mm.  As an example, I use 5mm beads for my G-Loomis GL3 1141s rods.  Buy a selection of beads in different colors.  The different color helps you select the right size quickly when on the water and re-tying your setup.

Good luck fishing!