Sports Show Seminar Schedule

It’s hard to believe the Washington Sportmen’s Show starts next week! While there is something for everyone at the sports show at the fairgrounds in Puyallup, WA. one of the biggest advantages of the sportmen’s show are the seminars.

There are over 50 seminars every day of the show.  Outside of the seminars, you are able to meet with professionals throughout the show at their booth and talk about hunting, fishing, survival and more! 

As an example, there is the Fly Casting Pond, Fly Tying Theater, Fly Fishing Theater, Blue Theater, Green Theater, Walleye Alley, Kayak Fishing Pavilion, Garmin Tech Center and Horse and Mule Packing. Each of these locations have industry experts speaking on a variety of techniques in their respective fields.

YouTube has quickly become the hub to get your questions answered when your stuck on something.  I certainly have my share of “how to” videos on our ridgetoriveroutdoors channel. But YouTube is not the same as in person interaction. First and most importantly, when you attend a seminar in person, it gives you the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the speaker as well as others in the seminar. This is huge! 

I get emails and comments on my channel, where folks say, “We need to see closeups of what you are talking about.”  Well, when you standing in the middle of a pond of water and the camera is 30 feet away, that is kind of difficult.  So being at the seminar in person helps you the most.  Lastly, not all industry professionals are producing content on YouTube.

This year, I will be talking about Kokanee Fishing. Kokanee fishing is one of the fastest growing fisheries in the United States.

Kokanee can be found in Alaska, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. It can also be found up through British Columbia and the Yukon in Canada. Kokanee were also introduced to several other states, including New England, New York, Montana, North Dakota, California, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and Nevada.

These landlocked sockeye salmon are tons of fun to catch and often frustrating to catch. In my seminar “Kokanee Tactics for the NW”, I will break down the “how to” and help you be more successful fishing for kokanee, whether you are fishing Lake Stevens, American Lake or Lake Roosevelt.

Here is my seminar schedule:

Wed 22nd 1:30p – Blue Theater

Thu 23rd 12:30p – Blue Theater

Fri 24th 5:30p – Blue Theater

Sat 25th 3:30p – Blue Theater

Sun 26th 2:30p – Blue Theater

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