Fishing Calendar

Look at our fishing calendar!  It provides a quick glance at yearly opportunities.

Washington State has Seattle fishing charter and guided sport fishing opportunities everyday, all year.  Each month may have different opportunities depending on the season and fishery. Some months may have several opportunities, such as June.  We will primarily be fishing Steelhead, but we will also be running fishing trips for Sturgeon and Kokanee in the month of June.

We have two calendars on this page. First is the “Year at a Glance” Calendar.  This shows various fishing opportunities throughout the year, as well as the peak of certain fisheries we target.  Please keep in mind this may change depending on run timing, etc.

Second, we have the Current Calendar below and on the sidebar of every page of our website.  This tells you what we are currently fishing.


The “Year at a Glance” calendar is great for planning your trip ahead and sending us an email to inquire about fishing opportunities during your planned visit.  Please note that not all fish runs are open on all rivers.  For example, you may want to fish Summer King Salmon on the  Wild and Scenic Skagit River.  While the Skagit River may be open to fishing, it is usually closed to fishing for King Salmon during the summer.  In this case, we would be fishing Summer King Salmon on the Skykomish River, where it is open and has great opportunities for King Salmon. Email us now!

Current Calendar

We update the Current calendar as the season approaches and we know that Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife has not placed unforeseen restrictions on a particular body of water we plan on fishing.


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